[NEW] Chocolate jiggly cake | homemade castella 2020

Chocolate jiggly cake | homemade castella

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6 eggs
75g oil
35g chocolate chips
60g milk
40g dutch cocoa powder
75g flour
130g sugar
cream of tartar
chocolate chips for the top

This recipe is calibrated for an 8-inch (20 cm) square cake pan. You’ll need a second pan that’s big enough to contain your cake pan. Put the bigger pan in your oven on the middle rack and fill it part-way with water. Get the oven heating to 350ºF/180ºC.

Line the cake pan with parchment paper, both bottom and sides.

Put the oil, chocolate chips and milk in a microwave-safe bowl and microwave until just boiling. Put in the cocoa, flour, a little splash of vanilla and whisk until as smooth as possible.

Crack the eggs into a large bowl, separate out the yolks and whisk them into the chocolate mixture. Put a tiny pinch of salt and cream of tartar in the egg whites then beat them until fluffy and pretty stiff. Beat in the sugar in three doses until you have stiff, glossy meringue.

Put a quarter of the meringue into the chocolate mixture and whisk it smooth. Pour all that into the remaining meringue then gently fold everything together until homogeneous, stirring as little as possible.

Pour the batter into the cake pan and scatter chocolate chips on top. Place the pan in the water bath in the oven and bake until a skewer comes out almost clean, about an hour.
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44 thoughts on “[NEW] Chocolate jiggly cake | homemade castella 2020

  1. denijane says:

    Jiggly it is, delicious – not particularly. I think it needs at least half as much sugar, with these proportions, the cocoa is much stronger taste than the sugar. It's not bad, but also it's not fantastic. Maybe if you eat it with chocolate sauce it would be nice. For me, it wasn't sweet enough. But also, I didn't sense the eggs. Just the cocoa.

  2. shodanxx says:

    Adam Ragusea, if you care about brownie skin you HAVE to research how the frosting of ordinary chocolat poptarts is made. This is very similar (sugary crystalline and brittle) but way better than regular brownie skin

  3. shodanxx says:

    The reason people insist on metric measurement is because their local unit of choice which uses the same name as yours, might not be the same as the one they use.
    For instance a US short ton is 10% less mass than a metric ton and don't get me started on US vs british gallons of fluid !

  4. Juuk says:

    I hate the eggy taste, but here in Denmark we have "fløde boller" or cream balls, it's 90% egg white with an outside of a thin dark chocolate, but the egg whites taste super neutral, maybe using what ever method they use to cream balls would help to make these cakes without having to mask the egg with chocolate or other flavors

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