[NEW] How-To Make Confetti Birthday Cake 2020

How-To Make Confetti Birthday Cake

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What’s the perfect birthday cake? The confetti cake. Hands down. With layers of vanilla cake and meringue-based frosting, plus tons of rainbow sprinkles, you’ll never go for a store bought cake again. Pastry chef Caroline Schiff, shows us how to make this birthday classic and shares some of her best cake decorating secrets. Whether you’re 5 years old or 70, everyone loves a confetti cake.

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32 thoughts on “[NEW] How-To Make Confetti Birthday Cake 2020

  1. Adam Levine says:

    Did anyone actually make this cake? lol Lot of comments on her hair but did anyone want to make a confetti cake? Because I did…. twice….. and it turned out nothing like it was supposed to…. and I followed the recipe to the T. Anyone feel my pain?

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