[NEW] Easiest Ice Cream Cake 2020

Easiest Ice Cream Cake

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An ice cream cake recipe that I just had to share. I refer to it as the “flamingo special”, since it is a past supervisor who told me about it, and her work nickname became “flamingo”.

What you need:
9 X 13 dish
19 ice cream sandwiches (I used 2 boxes that had 12 sandwiches), any flavor.
Two 8oz containers of whipped topping (or one larger container, I used the smaller ones because they were cheaper). Make sure you keep these in the fridge and not the freezer, because it spreads easier when it is only refrigerated.
Something to top the cake with (favorite candy/cookies/etc).

You start by putting one layer of sandwiches in the bottom, laying them out like you see in the video (9 1/2 sandwiches). Then, spread one 8oz tub of whipped topping. The bottom layer is now complete, but I stop there and put the cake into the freezer to let the whipped topping firm up (I let it sit overnight and finish it the next day). The next day pull the cake out of the freezer and repeat the process: Layer of ice cream sandwiches, final portion of whipped topping, and then you have to add some kind of topping. Get creative, use something that you feel either goes with the flavor of the cake, or go with the party person’s candy/cookie of choice. A new idea I had is adding some food coloring to the whipped topping.
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