[NEW] Summery ice-cream cake – Cake Games – Mary.com 2020

Summery ice-cream cake – Cake Games – Mary.com

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In the summer it’s nice to eat something cold outside. That’s why an ice-cream tart is a perfectly suitable treat to cool you down. In this game we are therefore making and decorating a splendid ice-cream cake. Which tastes should we be using? I fancy chocolate ice cream and I also like strawberry ice cream. Please choose the tastes that you like and decorate the tart with roses and sweets. That will be a feast with all these sweets! In this game you can also design your own ice-cream tart by clicking on the drawing board. You can also use all the decorations to make your own ice tart even more pretty. There is also a video available for this game where you can see how to play it.
cake cream
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