[NEW] How the Simnel Cake got its name 2020

How the Simnel Cake got its name

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27 thoughts on “[NEW] How the Simnel Cake got its name 2020

  1. Lois Kopf says:

    My great-grandmother grew up in England and made simnel cake annually. She claimed it was popular for those 'in service' to take this home because it travelled well. My grandmother continued that tradition. Unfortunately, she had sons and had to wait for me to come along to pass on the tradition. Ours was much like the one you made sans marzipan.

  2. logan butler says:

    No problem finding self rising flour in the south. It's what's mainly used – biscuits, cobblers, pancakes, potato cakes, even cornbread has it in it. Funny how different regions of the same country can be so different.

  3. suhndog says:

    Me thinks that ere you eat yonder cake.. thou mayest become 280 Lbs.? eeks. {BTW, what is the name of the classical piece snippet you used for your show's opening?] — Thanx, and I love your shows.. I needed a good laugh today, and as always.. you came through! [Not to mention I needed a bib throughout the video..heh — droooool].

  4. Gigi Dodson says:

    Self rising flour is milled from softer wheat. Not just added leavening.
    It is very prevalent in the southern U.S. . Mainly for biscuits. Self rising flour makes the very best biscuits.
    The only Siminal cake recipe ive ever seen is from British treasure Mary Berry.

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