[NEW] Make your own perfect, professional ice cream cake 2020

Make your own perfect, professional ice cream cake

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A video demonstration of how to make a basic ice cream cake. It is very easy and simple, but time consuming. Once you make this, you will never buy an ice cream cake again. Total cost of a home made ice cream cake $5. Cost of a store bought ice cream cake $30+. Your friends and family will be so impressed.
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36 thoughts on “[NEW] Make your own perfect, professional ice cream cake 2020

  1. Amber Boshart says:

    Thanks for the great tips! As opposed to some other comments, I could see what you were doing just fine =) I was looking for some help in making a better icecream cake not judging the quality of the video posted. Thank you for taking the time to create and post this video… I found it helpful.

  2. fallingbeam says:

    @MileyRoss go to my dessert blog tastiertreats.blogspot.com and look under the 'cake' label. There is a really great icing made with instant pudding and whipped topping. This seems to work best since it freezes nicely. Good luck!

  3. House of Aqua says:

    I just made my first ice cream cake from scratch and posted on my YouTube Channel. I found it easier to bake the whole cake mix in the springform pan and once cooled, then level the cake and cut it in half. Remove the top layer to add ice cream (I made my own homemade cake batter ice cream) and the add the top layer of cake back on. For an authentic Baskin Robbins, Cold Stone white icing, buy Pastry Pride from Smart and Final for the icing.

  4. fallingbeam says:

    @bee72740 It usually doesn't get dry because the water in the cake freezes instead of evaporating. If it would make you more comfortable, cover the cake. I typically don't cover the cake because I don't want to smash the cake or have it stick to the cake. If you are freezing it for more then a couple of days then you want to cover it to prevent freezer burn/taste.

  5. kayjanae says:

    I made this and it is wonderful…. yummy, yummy, yummy.
    I made it with yellow cake mix, strawberry icecream, strawberry topping on the icecream and vanilla pudding with regular cool whip. You can't loose with this awesome recipe. I saved 30 dollars!

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