[NEW] How to make funnel cake…. 2020

How to make funnel cake….

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This is a how-to video from a carnival I went to. How to make a funnel cake
how to make a cake

40 thoughts on “[NEW] How to make funnel cake…. 2020

  1. Byron Stanga says:

    Not the right way. Mayfields in Gatlinburg,Tn 4 things they did wrong here.
    1 extremely slow service
    2 the bottom half was burnt
    3 the grease looks as if its at 350 instead at 375 which causes more grease absorbing.
    4 the guy should have shook the oil off of cake before throwing it on the plate… made me laugh!

    I'm the pro. I've made a million I own 3 funnel cake shops in Gatlinburg where 13 million people a year pass through. Ty

  2. Stacy Johnson says:

    you take a batter (I'm sure you can use like a pancake batter) and swirl it around in a metal funnel cake ring until its golden brown on both sides and take it out. Make sure your grease is hottt. When it's done sprinkle some powdered sugar/strawberries/chocolate chips/what ever floats your boat and enjoy!!

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