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  1. wen ii says:

    CCP’s Crimes of Organ Harvesting More Cruel Than Hitler’s Massacre of the Jews

    Tien Chiu-chin, a member of Taiwan’s Control Yuan, said that the CCP’s crimes of organ harvesting were even more horrifying and brutal than Hitler’s massacre of the Jews.

    She said that according to Taiwan law, sources of organs must be clearly known, and there is a registration system. Patients need to wait for a long time for a suitable organ. But if you can get one within 1-2 weeks in China, whether it is a heart, liver, kidney, or lung, doesn’t this imply that there is a huge, living organ bank behind the scenes?

    She hopes that more people will learn about the CCP’s crimes of organ harvesting.

    Participating in the Competition Is Stopping Organ Harvesting

    Bahram Gharavi from Iran won the gold prize.

    Bahram Gharavi, a graphic designer from Iran, won the gold prize. “I saw the information on the poster competition online,” he said. “The theme was unique, yet shocking. I had never heard of the organs of prisoners of conscience in China being taken without consent and found it inconceivable. Unfortunately, this is state-sanctioned, beyond the scope of an individual or small organization.”

    Mo Qilin, a Taiwanese illustrator who took part in the competition, said that he participated in the event because justice and conscience are the most important values for people and humanity. He felt honored to step out and stop the atrocities. He said he hopes the CCP will collapse soon.

  2. secret fact world says:

    Jojo pyari Aankhen is comment ko padh rahi hai bhagwan unke Mata pita ko lambi aayu de aur unke sare sapne pure Ho jaaye vah Apne jivan mein Apne sare Lakshya ko hasil kar le aur unke jivan mein kabhi dukh Na aaye aur vah hamesha khush rahe agar aapko achcha Laga ho to like kijiye taki sab log ye comment dekh sake aur vnke bhi sare sapne pure Ho jaaye I am support you and all thanks for watching

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