[NEW] Vanilla cake without Oven | Stabilized Whipped Cream Frosting | Eggless Sponge Cake | Yummylicious 2020

Vanilla cake without Oven | Stabilized Whipped Cream Frosting | Eggless Sponge Cake | Yummylicious

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Vanilla Cake without Oven was another request that had been pending since a long time. This is a basic quick sponge cake recipe.
You can make this best eggless sponge cake without Oven and it will taste out of this world.
Cake in cooker is actually simpler than Oven I feel with no much difference.
This is a basic cake recipe so you can add orange juice and zest to make it eggless orange cake or you can add cocoa powder and make a chocolate cake.

Many people also asked me how they whip up cream and use as cake frosting so I have included a detailed stabilizing whipped cream frosting recipe as well.

Following are ingredients :

Dry Ingredients :
– All Purpose flour ( 1 Cup)
– Powdered Sugar (1 Cup)
( You can add more at the end after tasting the batter)
– Baking Powder (1 Tsp)
– Baking Soda (1/4 Tsp)
– Pinch of salt
– Sift all the ingredients
( Sifting makes flour lighter and eliminates sugar lumps or crystals)
– Mix it well

Wet Ingredients :
– Milk (1/2 Cup)
– Oil (1/4 Cup)
– Vanilla essence (1 tsp)
– Whisk very well
– Vinegar (1/2 Tsp)
– Whisk it well

– Mix Dry Ingredients and wet ingredients
– Do not use whisk
– Use Spatula and use cut and fold method to mix everything up.
– Butter the cake tin
– Place parchment at the bottom
– With Oven : Bake at 180C for 30 min
Without Oven :
– Place Kadai or pressure cooker or pan.
– Pour 3/4 cup salt in it
(Add more if required, you can preserve the salt used in this recipe and next time use the same salt)
– Place a metal rack
( I used a stand on which usually hot vessels are kept)
– Place a perforated plate
( I have used plate used to keep at the bottom of the pressure cooker)
– Close it with lid
– Preheat it it for about 15 min
– Place the cake and cook for about 30 min
– Pierce the skewer in the cake to check if it is cooked properly.
– If it did then take it out and let it cool.
– Loosen up the sides by using knife
– Flip the cake on the plate.
– Remove the top protruded cake portion to level it up
– Cut the cake in 2 parts.
– Keep it aside
( You can put some sugar syrup but this cake is soo moist that i didn’t feel the need of it.)

Whipped Cream Frosting :
– Water (1 Tbsp)
– Unflavored Gelatine (1 Tsp)
– Set it aside for 5 min
– you can see it is completely set.
– Microwave it for 30 sec on high
( If you do not have microwave put 1 tbsp boiling water in it)
– Keep the melted gelatine aside.

For whipping cream :
– You can use Amul Fresh Cream
– Refrigerate it overnight
– You will see the whey and cream is separated
– Scoop out the cream carefully
– Do not let the whey mix ( You can use the whey in gravies, do not throw it away)
– Use a cold bowl to whip
( Steel utensil is preferred as it will not loose its cool temperature easily)
– Always keep the blender’s speed LOW
– This creates small air pockets and helps to keep the whipped up cream intact even after it is kept out for a long time.
– Whip it for 7-8 min.
– When it has pouring consistency, add icing sugar
– Icing sugar (1/4 Cup)
( If you want your icing more sweet, you can add 1/3 Cup)
– Sift the icing sugar
– Whip for another 2-3 min
– when it is whipped just upto stiff peaks, add gelatine.
– Check if the gelatine is still liquid, if it is not microwave it again.
– Pour the gelatine all at once.
– Whip again for 1 – 2 min
– When you see the cream is nice and fluffy, stop immediately. Do not overwhip.
– You can check if it right by scooping out a dollop and tilting it , the cream should not move.

Assembly :
– Take first or bottom layer of the cake
– Pipe the whipped cream on the 1st cake layer
– Spread it with an offset spatula
– Place the second layer
– Pipe some more whipped cream on the top
– Spread it evenly.
– Now ice the sides as well.
– Border it with chocolate curls
– Chill it or serve immediately

– I hope you like this simple recipe of vanilla cake.

Thank you for all your love and motivation. I really appreciate everything.
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  1. Jayalakshmi Achaari says:

    When I make normal vanilla cake it soft and spongy but it doesn't have that beautiful off white colour that we usually c in store bought cake …for half kg cake I keep in cooker for 1/2 hr and for 1 kg cake I keep for 1 hr what's wrong plz help🙇

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