[NEW] Tsunami Cakes Ooze With Icing 2020

Tsunami Cakes Ooze With Icing

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Baker Nayane Capistrano has been making cakes for 10 years and developed tsunami cakes. She wanted to make cakes that surprised people — and they have! She makes a structured cake dough, fills it with a flavor that matches the theme, and covers the cake with a secret coating, placing the acetate around without squeezing too much to allow it to rise.

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Tsunami Cakes Ooze With Icing
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45 thoughts on “[NEW] Tsunami Cakes Ooze With Icing 2020

  1. Fernanda says:

    Seeing all these comments talking about how sweet it must be, it just makes me think that Brazilians eat very sweet things, because this is quite normal here…

    (And I actually don't understand why y'all think this is too much, it's just the normal amount of coverage, but in a different way)

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