[NEW] Doll Cake Tutorial ~ By The Terrace Kitchen 2020

Doll Cake Tutorial ~ By The Terrace Kitchen

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Make this Beautiful Doll Cake using whipped cream at home by following step by step instructions!


[INGREDIENTS] – 3 Sponge cakes (6 inch each)
– Simple Sugar Syrup made by mixing ½ cup water and 4 Tbsp Sugar
– Butter Cream made by whipping together 1 Cup Icing Sugar, ½ Cup Unsalted Butter and 2 Tbsp Milk
– Whipped Cream made from ½ Litre of Whipping Cream
– Sky Blue Liquid/ Gel Food Color
– Piping Bags
– Piping Nozzles No. 336, 104 and 14
– Silver Pearls/ Dragees

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