[NEW] Milk Bar Birthday Cake from Christina Tosi (Momofuku) 2020

Milk Bar Birthday Cake from Christina Tosi (Momofuku)

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Milk Bar Birthday Cake from Christina Tosi & Momofuku. Who knows Milk Bar? Its a bakery that makes all sorts of treats you’d find at the end of the rainbow. It’s the brainchild of Christina Tosi and Momofuku. They have this birthday cake that is the definition of originality. For one, you can see it’s insides. It’s 3 layers of cake, cake crumble, frosting and cake soak. It may be the greatest thing I’ve ever tasted.

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Anti-Chef Episode 26 – Milk Bar Birthday Cake

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44 thoughts on “[NEW] Milk Bar Birthday Cake from Christina Tosi (Momofuku) 2020

  1. BirdIztheWord says:

    I just finished this today for my birthday tomorrow! Without a cake ring, forgetting to out crumbs on the first layer, and also used a granny mixer 🤣 Arm fatigue is real.. 4 minutes is FOREVER. Also for a free formed acetate ring it's not looking bad. My acetate was only 4" tall so I used two pieces taped together. 🤷🏾‍♀️🥳🥳 My advice to anyone trying: Get a cake ring. That first layer was wooorrrkk without it 🥴

  2. cocobrowny says:

    The thing I’ve never understood is whether the cake is meant to be eaten frozen/semi-frozen or if that is simply the ‘setting’ stage.

    The Bon Appétit video shows Christina freezing it for 3hrs then cutting and eating straight away…?

  3. Iggle Wiggle says:

    Love your video! Cakes r like three year old indulgent attention grabbing sticky kiddies! My favorite CT recipe I have made the funfetti birthday cake many times I recently made individual cakes using ,,I want to say 3 inch Diameter rings for a bake sale and fetched $8 PER cake I wish I could send a pic of my cake sale cakes they were the jewels of the sale keep the videos coming I need inspiration to expand my CT repetoire

  4. Pinky Chang says:

    HAHAHAH LOVED THE ACID CITRIC rants! 😀 That's exactly how i feel when I needed to use something but in a small quantity and yet its difficult to find. 🙂 I have always wanted to try this. I wondered if I can omit the acid citric? 🙂 Great video and I wondered if your dad loves the birthday cake? 😀

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