[NEW] Episode 1 : Whipped Cream from Milk 🥛🥛🎂🧁 2020

Episode 1 : Whipped Cream from Milk 🥛🥛🎂🧁

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Whipped Cream Recipe.
This is Whipped Cream Recipe. Learn how to make Whipped Cream at home.
IMPORTANT NOTE: This Whipped Cream recipe is good for immediate use as it will be soft and creamy. Please see the instructions below about how to activate and add corn starch in this recipe.

Mix and HEAT Corn Starch (1 tsp) in quarter cup WATER for about a minute in a pan on medium flame until it turns to a soft sticky transparent Gel Paste. Then cool it to the room temperature before adding in the whipping bowl which should give you the desired outcome.

2) Smell of Corn Starch is Slightly Gritty, What Can I Do?
You may add few drops of Vanilla Essence while whipping to give it a desired flavour.

1) Milk has to be boiled until it has reached to its quarter. The fat (Malai) has to be repeatedly removed during this process.
2) Once Milk has boiled and reduced it to its quarter, switch off the gas flame and let the MIlk cool to the room temperature.
3) Once Milk has cooled to the room temperature put it in the whipping bowl and let it refrigerate for 3-4 hours.
4) After 3-4 hours, take out the whipping bowl (which has milk) from the refrigerator.
5) Now add icing sugar in it.
6) Now take 1tsp of corn starch, mix it in quarter cup water. Heat it until it turn to soft sticky transparent gel. Cool it to room temperature.
7) Now add this corn starch (gel form) from step 6 to the whipping bowl (which should still be chilled).
8) Optional Step – Corn starch may give slight gritty taste. To avoid that you may add few drops of vanilla essence for more pleasant flavor.
8) Start whipping at the high Intensity until you get stiff peak.

Also remember and not get confused that Corn starch and Corn flour are not the same. They are both sold in powdered form and have completely different effects. This recipe needs corn starch and not corn flour.

For more longlasting and thicker whipped cream from Milk use my gelatin recipe – Link to gelatin recipe is here

1) Milk cream will whip with this process even without the cornstarch;
2) Cornstarch will make this cream soft, smooth and fluffy which is good for immediate and fresh use;
3) For best results, Mix corn starch (1 tsp) in quarter cup water then HEAT it on medium flame for about a minute until it turns to a sticky paste, cool it to room temperature then add this paste in the whipping bowl before starting the whipping process.
4) please ensure that the whipping bowl and milk cream is chilled before starting the whipping process;
5) If you need thicker, long lasting and stable whipped cream then use my gelatin recipe –

A Very Simple and Easy Home Kitchen Recipe to make Whipped Cream/ Frosting Cream for Cake Decoration from regular full fat/cream milk. In this recipe only three Ingredients are used which includes Milk, Powdered Sugar as sweetener and Cornstarch to stabilize the whipped cream. The milk is boiled for sometime and thick cream is used to make the whipped cream. This is the simplest ever recipe for the whipped cream. This whipped cream can be used for cakes, cupcakes for personal as well as commercial purposes. The stabilization agent cornstarch has given a very longstanding affect to the whipped cream made in this recipe. This is a secret recipe of every chef and baking expert. Next time no need to buy whipped cream from the market, you can make it easily and very fast in your kitchen. This recipe will answer a long time pending question about HOW TO MAKE WHIPPED CREAM FROM MILK. Enjoy this and other recipe by R Life at our channel.
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