[NEW] Easy to Make High-Protein Chocolate Cake for Muscle Gain & Fat Loss 2020

Easy to Make High-Protein Chocolate Cake for Muscle Gain & Fat Loss

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There’s over 200 recipes and a section on how to figure out your very own macros so you can gain weight, lose weight, lean bulk, or whatever your goal is! If you enjoy these videos I highly recommend you check out the cookbook as well as my new YouTube channel (I haven’t posted on this one since 2012) – visit here:

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how to make a cake
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43 thoughts on “[NEW] Easy to Make High-Protein Chocolate Cake for Muscle Gain & Fat Loss 2020

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  4. Theoutdoordaniel says:

    All you people complaining are wimps. To have a high set goal takes sacrifices. And eating different food is one. Stop crying and try it. I've tried it and it taste good for being healthy and something good to eat when your on a diet. Good job

  5. jam3sl33 says:

    this is an abomination. im all for healthy food but atleast be somewhat creative and use real cooking instead of a damn microwave. not to mention it looks more like you shat in a plastic bowl than a cake. completely misleading title and picture

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