[NEW] I paid 3 Bakeries $300 each to make EPIC CHRISTMAS Cakes! 2020

I paid 3 Bakeries $300 each to make EPIC CHRISTMAS Cakes!

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This is the third video in our bakery review series! This week I gave 3 bakeries $300 each to make the craziest holiday winter wonderland cake they could make. I was SHOCKED! Both good, and bad and tasted some of the most delicious cake recipes I have ever had. This Christmas cake challenge was one the bakers didn’t even know they were in! Giving these foodie artists complete freedom for sure makes for some interesting designs…

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42 thoughts on “[NEW] I paid 3 Bakeries $300 each to make EPIC CHRISTMAS Cakes! 2020

  1. Lisita says:

    I have a non-cake question….where did u get the purple hair color? I love it on you. It's a great new look and of course on trend. Btw i just discovered you tonight ….I'm totally hooked. But what hair color did u use or recommend? From one natural brunette to another.🥰

  2. Ashley M says:

    I think for future ones, it'd be helpful to specify that the cakes should be grand/exciting/etc (some adjective). I'd imagine that the first two bakeries figured that if you're willing to spend $300 on a winter/holiday cake with no other guidelines, it needs to look "high end"/classy vs fun and that's why they went that subdued classy route rather than going big and fun with it.

    "We want a really fun winter/holiday cake" would probably give different results, for example.

  3. Brianna Schultzz says:

    One Easter my dad left some scrambled random papers with big blue bunny 🐰paw prints 🐾and it was near where he hid my Easter basket I absolutely lost it and told all my friends (my fav color was blue and he left a tube of blue paint or something I was already convinced lol) the snowy Santa foot prints reminded me of it 💙

  4. watty76728©® says:

    5:55 nah not worth $300 I know teenagers who can design better than that obviously honestly the first one the details like you said are there but just why is it not working 😕 like its just too simple but I love the art and effort to be honest 💜

  5. Betsy Laws says:

    I literally had that exact same nail color and layout at the start of January and this is the first video of yours I have ever seen. I'm pretty sure it's even the same exact shades of polish. My mind is blown rn

  6. Science_is_Never_Settled says:

    You said “holiday cake,” right? So personally I like the first one the best. It was subtle and beautiful and included people of all ethnicities and religious backgrounds. If you want Christmas to throw up on a cake, ask for that. Also I have to say that for a $300 cake for ten people? Rich people don’t like gauche.

  7. Norfolk Charlie says:

    I think this shows more about each baker's personality, baker 3 really, really loves Christmas. It just shows in the cake that they were excited about having $300 to express what Christmas means to them. Think Christmas may be a bit dull round Baker 1&2 house in the holidays.

  8. Missy Marie2 says:

    That just made that a cheap $5 cake though.
    What’s the point of using styrofoam? Isn’t that a total cheat?
    I mean, that’s LIKE ANYTHING GOES??
    It was a plain white cake and they through an ornament on top.
    There wasn’t any actual detail whatsoever then?
    I’m confused.

  9. Aneta says:

    I understand that you don’t want to “ruin someone’s business” but that’s not on you. You paid for a product and are sharing it with your audience. I bet these companies have social media pages that feature their products. If they were happy delivering that dollar store yoda cake [from another vid] for example, then people will react accordingly based on their products and not because of anything you say (and I’d bet it would be similar to what the rest of us are thinking). Regardless of the type of customer, product consistency needs to be the same, though I get why someone would think to put more effort into a cake featured in an online review, though anybody with an internet connection and social media can post something and make it go viral, so that wouldn’t be your fault either. Specialty cakes are expensive, and it’s a huge letdown to present such a cake to a gathering and be hugely disappointed!!

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