[NEW] How to Make S'mores Cake 2020

How to Make S'mores Cake

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How to Make S’mores Cake
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Toasted marshmallows, chocolate and a moist cinnamon cake, what’s not to love about a s’mores cake??! This tender graham cracker cake is filled with a marshmallowy fluff, covered in chocolate buttercream, drizzled with dark chocolate throughout, and skirted with an addictive, crunchy graham cracker crumble. It’s a MUST make cake!!! I’ve baked this cake a few times and it’s a total crowd pleaser. And yes, I think it makes a perfect birthday cake in case you’re wondering.

What’s my favorite part? I love the crunch from the Graham cracker crumble and the solidified chocolate in this cake, it contrasts well with the gooey marshmallow fluff! THis cake is SO YUMMY I really hope you ger a chance to make it soon.


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35 thoughts on “[NEW] How to Make S'mores Cake 2020

  1. Joanna Mallory says:

    I would totally eat this if someone made it for me, but it’s too many steps, too labor intensive for me to do it…. knowing myself as I do. Which means I will never get to try this as I am the only one I know who bakes!😢

  2. Hi People says:

    11:16 After whipping it like he said, you can also add a TINY (and I mean tiny, since gel food coloring goes a long way) bit of purple gel food coloring. Yellow and purple are complementary colors, so using a small bit of purple cancels out some of the yellow. Still won't be perfect white, but a bit closer. Don't be tempted to use a lot of purple to cancel out all of the yellow, because then your yellow buttercream you wanted to turn white just becomes a shade of purple (which honestly is fine for the most part as long as you like purple, but if you specifically care that it is white for the cake or whatever, then it does matter) This works with royal icing, too, if you're using meringue powder and it discolors the icing (I prefer meringue powder based royal icings for the consistency, opacity, and how it dries, but they always get a slightly yellow tinge to them). Just, again, be sure to err on the side of slightly yellow over accidentally making it purple 🙂

    Edit: It seems someone has already commented this, so just take this as a testament that their suggestion works 🙂

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