[NEW] How to make Oreo Loaf Cake! Recipe tutorial 2020

How to make Oreo Loaf Cake! Recipe tutorial

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Hey, I’m Eloise Head and I make super simple recipe tutorials across my social channels

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23 thoughts on “[NEW] How to make Oreo Loaf Cake! Recipe tutorial 2020

  1. Fitwaffle Kitchen says:

    Here’s what you’ll need👇


    200g Unsalted Butter

    200g Caster Sugar

    4 Large Eggs

    200g Self Raising Flour (not plain flour like I wrote on the video 🙈)

    14 Oreos (1 pack), broken


    80g Unsalted Butter, softened

    250g Icing Sugar

    30ml Whole Milk

    6 Oreos, finely crushed

    Icing method: Whisk together butter & icing sugar, add milk and whisk until combined. Fold in crushed Oreos 🥰

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