[NEW] How to make a Pancake CAKE 2020

How to make a Pancake CAKE

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as an alternative to actual pancakes… which are just amazing… you could make this food-illusion cake…. a cake that LOOKS like a pile of pancakes…

its been done before and itl be done again…
but heres how to make it if you wanted…

genuinely only took 30 mins to make this cake!!

give it a go an let me know how you do 🙂
how to make a cake
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7 thoughts on “[NEW] How to make a Pancake CAKE 2020

  1. Angel Frame says:

    My grandson is turning eight in a week he would like a Charizard mega cake I cannot find any cake pans at all their mom used to bake both of the kids cakes and she took off and left to go be in the carnival I'm the grandmother and they've been living at my house for going on 2 years I don't know where to go and find a cake pan to do this can you give me an idea I live in Knoxville Tennessee

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