[NEW] Ding Dong Cake ❤️ 2020

Ding Dong Cake ❤️

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A cake inspired by the Ding Dong. Bring on the chocolate!

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Matilda cake:

I slightly adapted iambaker’s Ding Dong Cake recipe:

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46 thoughts on “[NEW] Ding Dong Cake ❤️ 2020

  1. Stacy M says:

    I'm making this today for my daughter's birthday cake. I was about to say "wish me luck," but I know I won't need it – I already know the recipes for the cake layers and the filling are solid (I've made them both before), and chocolate ganache is never wrong. I'm just excited to put all three together! Can't wait, can't wait, can't wait! 😃

  2. Greg Feneis says:

    I was watching Emmy put that cake together and thought that's a great chomcolate cake recipe on its own.

    Emmy, there are bands you can wrap around cake tins to help get flatter cake tops. I wish you would do a video that shows how to use them and whether they're worthwhile

  3. Angela Rigido says:

    If you want to keep bubbles out of your ganache, stir together the hot cream and chocolate gently, ( more like a fold), so you don't whip excess air into the chocolate. This forms bubbles. If you notice air bubbles while the ganache is just poured, pop them with a toothpick..it will flatten out as it settles and cools :).

  4. Lucy Roy says:

    Next time when making the sponges, lightly spray the top of the batter with water , put them into the oven and toss about a cup of ice cubes on the bottom of the oven, cakes come out flat and not cracked, I saw this on Ben Staar YouTube carrot cake video

  5. Tser says:

    I'm guessing it's called that because it's both white and luxurious? I think of the animal also. Interestingly, ermine are not rodents, they're mustelids, along with badgers, wolverines, weasels, otters, etc.! This is the frosting I associate with red velvet cakes.

  6. Laidart says:

    I made the cake yesterday for my mom’s birthday and it might be the best cake I’ve ever had. Since it is an American recipe I used half the amount of sugar and dark chocolate for the ganash and it is still very sweet so that’s something to keep in mind

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