[NEW] Save Money & Make A Smash Cake For Your Little One! 2020

Save Money & Make A Smash Cake For Your Little One!

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My homemade Smash Cake recipe is adorable, delicious, and way cheaper than what you’d get from a bakery! Get my new tiny cake recipe here:

We have a big birthday to celebrate in this house! George is turning 1! George was born in Santa Monica, the 16th of Feb 2020 at 10:35 am. He weighed 6lbs 14oz. He came into the world like he had been here before. Relaxed, super chill, and laid back. He has been a joy from day one and I’m excited to celebrate his first year!

As a baker, a mammy, and a lover of hilarious moments to cover my kid in a cake of course I’m making his smash cake! You only need a small number of ingredients and it’s wayyyy less expensive than buying from a bakery.

What Is A Smash Cake?

A Smash Cake is an adorable tradition that is literally what it sounds like — a baby-sized cake for your 1-year-old to smash up. For most babies, this is the first time they ever taste cake, and the reaction is amazing. Lovely little ones inevitably end up with Smash Cake all over their chubby cheeks and tiny hands and making for some great photos and memories!

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31 thoughts on “[NEW] Save Money & Make A Smash Cake For Your Little One! 2020

  1. Jane Clermont says:

    I watched the video on my bedroom TV and thought it was really cute I think it would be really cool if when he grows up and someone buys him something like cookies or cake or anything else food wise and he says I like mommy's better I bet that would make gemma's day

  2. E G says:

    Never heard of a smash cake before- I learn from every one of your videos! It looks like your handsome boy had a wonderful celebration. He is so lucky to have such a talented mom!🎂🎈

  3. S says:

    Hahaha! Didn't even realise you had a baby🤦. I thought he was some model you were using to promote something. Don't know how that happened as I watch a lot of your videos.

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