[NEW] making a vision board, seeing my bestie & the BEST lockdown cake 😍 weekly vlog! 2020

making a vision board, seeing my bestie & the BEST lockdown cake 😍 weekly vlog!

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let’s set ourselves some life goals 🙌🏼
what’s the best thing that happened to you this week? let me know in the comments below!! X

my previous video: what would han do? 🤔 solving your dilemmas pt.2!

things i mentioned in this vlog 💗
coco & eve beauty pillowcase:
lemon & raspberry cake recipe:
stone rollneck jumper: *
gold claw hairclip: *
comfy claw hairclip (number 16): *
white felt self-adhesive tiles: *
clear rose-gold pins: *
benefit they’re real magnet mascara: *
lilash eyelash serum:

thanks for watching my loves! see you again soon with another video 🥰

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Sigma 18-35mm Lense: *
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Canon Remote: *
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Lighting Kit I use: *

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how to make a cake
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24 thoughts on “[NEW] making a vision board, seeing my bestie & the BEST lockdown cake 😍 weekly vlog! 2020

  1. J n i Gray says:

    The majority of guys love dogs. It would be hard for one not to fall in love with yours. What an adorable personality Sunny has. In America, dogs are like a magnet to meeting people. Going to parks where people are to go for walks is likely a guarantee people will stop and gush over your pet. Lockdown and distancing can take a toll on anyone and feel like life is never going to be normal again. We just have to hope it will. For months I was terrified to go anywhere. I slowly started to with caution and just going somewhere even at a distance of people mentally helps.

  2. Jadekimmm says:

    I love how real you are and honest with how your feeling I totally relate it’s nice to know I’m not the only one omg I love Stacey Dooley so much she’s amazing have you read her book women who fight back ? Xxx

  3. Sylvia Cowie says:

    Taking the parent present to a new level… My aunty got us a similar cushion of our cat, which was cute enough, but then my dad decided it was a great idea, and for my last birthday, he gave me a cushion… of my own face. I mean… Why?!

  4. TooFIT4You says:

    i think it s fair to think of the … i may not meet someone cause you have a dog. I like dogs but Its a dealbreaker for me if someone has a dog. I am too old to want to clean up after a dog and they are ridiculously expensive and I just have no tolerance after I have raised my family already. In saying that, many people love the idea of a dog and you are young and sensible gal and you will meet someone who is ok with the whole dog thing. blessings xo

  5. Frankie New says:

    Gonna have to get a silk pillowcase. Be interested to hear your feedback after a few weeks.
    So this is random.. but I love how 'normal' you are, the normal kitchen, not all white, grey, marble and clinical. It's a proper family home and I think that's why I love your vlogs. You're so relatable and don't make me feel insuperior! Made me so sad when you said it made you feel a bit ugly etc when you were doing your vision board (which is a great idea). Please don't 'change' (obv grow etc!) we love you for how you are now! I'm not just saying this to make you feel better but you are so beautiful?! Your cake looked fab too btw X

  6. Meg x says:

    I dont want you religiously and then when I watch a video of yours I wonder why I dont??? You're honestly so so lovely and love your vids. Find it hard to find "influencers" genuine nowadays but you are so down to earth and think you're fab!

  7. Siobhan The Collector says:

    Love your weekly vlogs they are the best way to end a week! I feel the same with this lockdown. Ive been working from home since last march and have no idea how I'm going to cope going back into a busy office I think work are going to need to give me time to adjust 😆

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