[NEW] How to make unique and creative Diaper Cakes 2020

How to make unique and creative Diaper Cakes

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How to make unique and creative Diaper Cake IDEAS
The diaper cake, being a popular item for themed celebrations, is made from baby diapers arranged to look like an actual cake. It is a perfect gift for Arrival of Newborn, and Babys 1st Birthday, and can be given to new parents anytime after the baby is born. And the best of all, the ingredients can actually be used for new baby boy or baby girl. The cakes you see on our site are samples of our work. Our diaper cakes are hand made for each order, and we try to make our cakes look just like you see in the picture, so you always know what you are getting. If we do not have the exact item used to make the cake in the picture, we will replace it with an item of equal value, which would make the cake look like the original. If such an item is not available, we will notify you and you will have the opportunity to cancel your order.
Our cakes come with a gift tag, wrapped in tulle tied with a premium ribbon, and then placed in a clear plastic bag to keep them clean. Please visit us at BabyFavorsAndGifts.com
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32 thoughts on “[NEW] How to make unique and creative Diaper Cakes 2020

  1. Jasmine Galvin says:

    To bad arts and crafts cant be copyrighted. My grandma has a simular gripe she made cloth diaper cakes (before disposable exsisted) with her mother as a child for mthers that were alone during world war 2 and wrapped hem with handmade baby quilts or knitted receiving blakets and topped with a glass bottle as a candle. They did it to help in hard times, as the people actually used the materials back then, people treat them as disposable decor now

  2. misstique08 says:

    sweetheart, they are not a how to company or a tutorial company…they sale their products…honestly, if she would be foolish enough to give out her how to on her products, I wouldn't buy from her I would just make them myself…
    Just look within yourself and find your own creativity.

  3. Pookspoons says:

    They are advertising their company and as such they naturally, will not share their tutorials. I 'invented' the Nappy cake' 20 years ago (and have legitimate proof) but sadly did not copyright the idea and now they can be purchased everywhere and assembled by anyone. I should have had the forsight to protect my idea. I dont blame these people for not offering tutorials. Good luck to them. They are amazing designs. I wouldnt share my ideas now with anyone unles they were protected first.

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