[NEW] How To Make A Succulent Cake │What The Bake 2020

How To Make A Succulent Cake │What The Bake

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You had me at aloe 😆🌵 This week we are trying a popular Instagram trend; the Succulent Cake. I will show you all the tips and tricks of how to create buttercream flowers and succulents.
Check this out for an easy vanilla cake recipe and how to make buttercream flowers 🌸🏵️
If you like baking and creating crazy and fun desserts, you will feel right at home. I love creating fun concoctions and sharing it with likeminded people. If this sounds like you, click the subscribe button and let’s be friends!

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250g Butter
250g Castor Sugar
4 Eggs
10ml Vanilla
280g Self-Rising Flour
60ml Milk

400g Butter
600g Icing Sugar
5ml Vanilla
15ml Milk

Food Coloring: Green, Blue, Purple, Pink

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