[NEW] How to make a belly cake 2020

How to make a belly cake

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Showing some of the belly cakes that I made today and sharing how to make a belly cake
how to make a cake
Belly cake

28 thoughts on “[NEW] How to make a belly cake 2020

  1. Mysti Lipsey says:

    ok this is a really pretty cake and I have checked out the rest of your videos but there is no tutorial on how you actullly decorated the cake or if there is I can't find the link could you post link if there is 1. thanks in advance

  2. Eve H says:

    You only discuss how to bake the cake. That part is easy. I wish you would do a complete demo. Anyone can throw some batter on round bowls but not anyone can decorate it. That's what everyone including me would like to see.

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