[NEW] How To Make Chocolate Mousse Cake / Mirror Glaze Cake / chocolate Cake / by Michael Lim 2020

How To Make Chocolate Mousse Cake / Mirror Glaze Cake / chocolate Cake / by Michael Lim

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0:00 Chocolate Mousse Cake
0:14 The Chocolate Cake
6:36 The chocolate Mousse
9:19 The chocolate Glaze

The Chocolate Cake (Step 1)
100g Chocolate (73%)
100g/ml Coffee
40g/ml Oil
4 Egg Yolks (from eggs that weighs 58-60g each with shell)
60g All Purpose Flour
10g Rice Flour
10g Cocoa
6g/1tsp. Baking Powder
4 Egg Whites (from eggs that weighs 58-60g each with shell)
120g Fine Sugar

The Chocolate Mousse (Step 2)
300g/ml Whipping Cream( For whipping)
200g/ml Whipping Cream
150g Brown Sugar
200g Chocolate (73%)

The Chocolate Mirror Glaze (Step 3)
180g Dark,Brown Sugar
70g Glucose
100g/ml Water
60g Cocoa
140g/ml Whipping Cream
7 Gelatine Sheets

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47 thoughts on “[NEW] How To Make Chocolate Mousse Cake / Mirror Glaze Cake / chocolate Cake / by Michael Lim 2020

  1. Haydee Judice says:

    Droooling!!! 😋😍 Bellísimo!!!What a beautiful piece of art Chef 👏🏻👏🏻👏🏻🥂 I was going to make a Black Forest Cake for Valentine's Day but not anymore. I'm definitely making this. But, with your permission, I will be making a dark cherries mouse instead of the chocolate… Oh yeah, I really hope it comes out good and beautiful 🤩😋
    Thanks again Chef 😍

  2. Mishi Tabudlo says:

    Wow 🥰😋 I did one of your cake recipes three times already and everyone loves it , Japanese chocolate cheesecake! I have 2 questions for this magnificent mousse cake, I’ll be preparing it tommorow for my Birthday on Wednesday. Did you just use one layer of the chocolate cake? I am using 22 cm cake stamp how many grams will I add for the ingredients to obtain the right amount for a 22 cm cake stamp? Thank you in advance and thank you for your great inspiring recipes ! More power and keep up the good work! God bless and stay safe always!

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