[NEW] Deep Indulgent Chocolate Cake 2020

Deep Indulgent Chocolate Cake

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How to achieve a smooth finish on top and sides of a deep cake. Full recipe :
cake chocolate
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2 thoughts on “[NEW] Deep Indulgent Chocolate Cake 2020

  1. Jenny Li says:

    Thank you Nancy, can't tell you on twitter as my son follows me but I'm making the deep indulgent chocolate cake for his 17th birthday on Friday 9th Nov, he likes orange so I was thinking of adding zest into the chocolate on the sandwich layer, if it works I'll show you a photo!! @Jen_y_Li

  2. Louanne Bertrand says:

    Loving your channel, Nancy! Here's a chuckle for you – I walk on the treadmill every morning while streaming GBBO on netflix, and I'm re-watching your season now. It was the first season I'd ever watched here in the US and still my fave. Plan to make your chocolate cake for an upcoming retirement party..

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