[NEW] How to make a 3D Dinosaur Cake Part 5 of 5 2020

How to make a 3D Dinosaur Cake Part 5 of 5

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I have put together a 5 part video tutorial for you on how to make a 3D dinosaur cake. Part 5 finishing details

Part 1:
Part 2:
Part 3:
Part 4:
Finished Cake:

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13 thoughts on “[NEW] How to make a 3D Dinosaur Cake Part 5 of 5 2020

  1. Rayyan S says:

    Finally I find the perfect videos! Thanks for going into depth, showing all the techniques. It’s very helpful. You’ve given me the confidence to try making it for my sons birthday!
    And I read some of the comments and I definitely think it looks like a dinosaur and so do my kids! You did amazing and am sure your clients were thrilled. Good job!
    Airbushing? Do you think you could do a video on this. People like myself have no idea how to use one. Where to start from etc..

  2. Alexandra Dowman says:

    Great tutorial, I'm going to try this for my son. I have a couple of questions, 1- how much fondant to use for a cake of this size? 2- how long can one store/ keep a cake like this? (I've never tried fondant before, I've done a lot of 3D cakes but always decorated with buttercream, I want to leave time to make a substitute if I make a mess of this! Any tips for working with fondant much appreciated!)PS: it defo looks like a dinosaur 😉

  3. Sophie Hayton says:

    Found these videos so helpful when my friend asked for a baby Dinosaur cake for her baby shower! I've never done a shaped cake before and these tutorials were just what I needed. The only thing I struggled with (probably because I used buttercream not ganache) was covering the thing part of the tail – the cake just seemed to keep breaking off!

  4. Jayde Voyce says:

    hiya what size cake board is this on? I have a similar order to make a start on tomorrow the cake is to go on a 12" board, I was wondering what size board you have used so as to know whether to start with the same size cakes that you did 🙂 if you would be able to get back to me that would be bril. great tutorials, thank you xx

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