[NEW] Three Tier Diaper Cake Instructions How-To Guide 2020

Three Tier Diaper Cake Instructions How-To Guide

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– we use our diaper cake techniques without premium three tier wrapped diaper cakes.

Get all of the diaper cake decorating instructions that you need on three tier diaper cakes, motorcycle diaper cakes, tractor diaper cakes, tricycle diaper cakes, simple diaper roll cakes and so much more.

Not only that but get exclusive baby shower bonuses the materials to help you plan the perfect baby shower. This diaper cake video course not only includes 10 video tutorials on how to make diaper cakes but it also shows you and provides you baby shower themes that can help you plan all kinds of baby showers. From the simplest color patterns to the most complex decorating motifs, it’s all included in this awesome offer.

In this diaper cake course there is no cutaway shots. everything is revealed to you and shown in exact detail and given in precise explanation. Why bother with any other diaper cake video course if they cannot give you as much explanation and step-by-step instructions as we can!

Here are some of the bonuses You’ll get; baby showers revealed digital report, eight baby shower tutorials, exclusive baby shower coupons to your favorite online stores, how to childproof your house and how to wean your child when he or she comes of age.

All of this is included into your complete diaper cake video course. You also have lifetime access to all of the videos and Digital reports.

So if your baby shower host or an expecting mother and this is the ultimate package to help you create the best baby shower unmanageable!
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42 thoughts on “[NEW] Three Tier Diaper Cake Instructions How-To Guide 2020

  1. frncy54 says:

    Outstanding, my favorite diaper cake with no rolling of the diapers!!!! New mothers have too much to do and can not be bother with cutting off all those rubber bands  like on the other type cakes. Good on you!!!

  2. Ike BabyShowers says:

    No worries! I'm very happy that this little video could help you and your decoration needs. Thank you for your support! You are going to need 8 to 10 nappies for the small wheel. As for the sauce, some are good and some aren't. If you are able to slip in the nappies while the pan maintains the form of the wheel then you are golden. If not, you should borrow one from a friend or a neighbor. Test it out first, then work from there. Cheers!

  3. Nerryl Blenheim says:

    Hi was looking for inspiration for a nappy cake , came across your videos awesome!!!! Need to go to work otherwise I'd be here all day, how do I make the smaller wheels I don't have any small pans , what else can I use ,maybe saucepan . How many nappies ( diapers) sorry I am an Aussie ,for each layer to make a 3 tier cake . Cheers from oz

  4. Ike BabyShowers says:

    its one small pin into one diaper or two diapers at the most to hold the plush doll into place. This form of diaper cake creation is the most non-intrusive form there is. I highly recommend it to you if you wish to create a stunning DC at the same time preserve the diapers for later use. Best of luck!

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