[NEW] How to make a Minnie Mouse Cake 2020

How to make a Minnie Mouse Cake

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This is a video on how to make a Minnie Mouse Cake. This one is a little bit different then the original. It is a little smaller. The top tier is about “6.5. It isn’t perfect, and it isn’t the same as the original, but it’s close. So I hope you enjoy! More details below.


The fondant used is Wilton’s fondant in white and Duff’s red fondant. I use Duff because it’s hard to get that deep of a red when you dye it yourself. It is a little bit harder to work with, in the sense that it breaks easier, but I do recommend it.

I used the tips in the video for the polka dots. Any of the large tips will be fine for a larger cake (for the polka dots and Minnie Mouse heads) since you are just using the bottom of the tip for the dots.

I did film covering the white tier with fondant, but took that out to save time! haha

I also forgot to mention that for the bow, I ended up putting those cake pop sticks in the cake to help support the bow. One in the center to hold the center part of the bow up, and two on the inside of the bow, but on the outermost corners.

Please like this video and comment if you have any specific questions or comments!

*** I am not a professional cake decorator, this is just my hobby. I love doing cakes and enjoy making these videos for you!!! 🙂 ***

Special thanks to my mom is the best assistant ever! And in this case she also filmed the entire thing! Thanks mom!

Music used in this video:
“Chabrier – España ft. NE Iowa high school musicians” by Jason Weinberger & the WCFSO (
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