[NEW] Walmart Refused To Make ‘Racist’ Cake For Retiring Police Officer 2020

Walmart Refused To Make ‘Racist’ Cake For Retiring Police Officer

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Walmart Refused To Make ‘Racist’ Cake For Retiring Police Officer. Walmart is apologizing for refusing to make a police officer s retirement cake last week s daughter that her thin blue line cake design might be considered racist.

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Walmart Refused To Make ‘Racist’ Cake For Retiring Police Officer
A police officer’s daughter walked into Walmart and ordered a cake with a simple message on it. When the Walmart bakery Walmart employees refuse to bake cake for retired cop A Walmart in McDonough has come under fire for refusing to bake a cake for a retired police officer.
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46 thoughts on “[NEW] Walmart Refused To Make ‘Racist’ Cake For Retiring Police Officer 2020

  1. Cathy Peterson says:

    Shame on that employee, shame on Walmart for not firing that employee. I thought walmart was supposed to be an American store with American ideology. Meaning the1st amendment of the constitution: freedom of speech. That lady was just asking for a nice cake for her fathers retirement from outstanding service to the community-a police officer. She was not asking for that employee to accept what she wanted personally, she just wanted her to do the job she was hired to do. Is the whole world fully of spoiled snowflakes who forget they are paid to do a job, no matter what they believe?!!! I believe just a few years ago there was a private bakery in Oregon who was forced to either make a cake for a gay couple or be shut down for discrimination as it went against their religious beliefs. Well, they lost their buisness, and over $50,000 for legal fees. This was a privately owned bakery, as compared to Walmart a large corporate company. Yet nothing happens to them, or that employee. Maybe they should all think twice when they call the police to their store, or to that employees home, because they don't deserve the protection. Shame on them.

  2. Craig Ullman says:

    The cake that this daughter wanted made for her father's years of service to law enforcement was not racist in any way. Nor was it insensitive or hurtful to any race, creed or religious belief.
    Racism is the belief that one race is superior to another. All of life is precious and we should look at a groups actions.
    Let us please support our police for all they do to protect us from harm, especially when they step into harms way to do so.

  3. William says:

    The cancel culture, woke culture, followed by the pc culture, is truly disgusting, these big companies tow the line for these groups and its repulsive, your father deserved far better, especially for putting his life on the line for so many, God Bless you and your father and know there are a great majority of Americans that support your father and our men in blue!👊👊🙏🇺🇸

  4. Jeff Snyder says:

    I don’t know but if I’m blind it sounds like it’s reverse discrimination today and the person at the bakery was discriminating against the customers I thought the customer is always right at least that’s what I was taught working on the business side ???

  5. Bob Sunkees says:

    That person should be fired and so should all in that department and the manager should be removed from there position or at least demoted I personally would look to boycott that entire store there's no excuse for disrespecting those who work for a modest income to help people in their lowest point in Life or need every day it's beyond disgusting

  6. Noah Ellis says:

    The cake decorator, an employee of Walmart, took it upon herself to decide what was appropriate for the store bakery to put on a cake as a decoration. If she were the owner of a bakery and didn't want to do that decoration that would have been her right. But as a store employee she should have consulted her manager or handed off the job to someone else. Now Walmart is dealing with bad PR and a loss of business to other competitors due to this womans' biased feeling against police. The picture of the cake that Walmart made to make up for this showed a cake that wasn't very appetizing and I wouldn't have given that to a retiring police officer.

  7. WR Wolfe says:

    That would have been the last $ I would have ever spend at that WalMart. While there are certainly a small number of "bad cops" out there is nothing "racist" about a cake and frosting. RACIST is used incorrectly so much in today's society that its losing the REAL meaning of the word.

  8. Andrea Dillman says:

    Well, the full story seemed to not be told. It made the bakery staff uncomfortable because of what she wanted written on it…not because she only wanted a blue line. She clearly asked for it to say "Blue Lives Matter"…..they showed us the cake towards the end. Racist may not be the right word, but controversial and one-sided seems fitting.

    And no I don't hate cops, or Walmart, or cake.

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