[NEW] How to make a Piping Bottle for cake decorating or for soap making. 2020

How to make a Piping Bottle for cake decorating or for soap making.

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Thanks to Karen from Edens Secret for sharing your (slightly dangerous) methods 😉 lol
and thank you to Aissa for your comment explaining how to do this and to the others who messaged me also trying to help!
Everyone has been so helpful. I ask one simple thing and get help from many people! I hope showing my way of doing this is also able to help someone else. Thanks!
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16 thoughts on “[NEW] How to make a Piping Bottle for cake decorating or for soap making. 2020

  1. toocutie21 says:

    You know instead of doing this since its kinda of dangerous you can go and buy Kuhn Rikon Switzerland Cookie & Cupcake Decorating Set. I got it for Christmas and it works amazingly. 😛
    So yea do whats best for you

  2. Good Earth Spa says:

    In my other video my tips were larger than the wilton large tips. I bought some other brand for commercial bakeries and didn't realize it. So, they did not fit the large couplers I had from Wilton. I glued them in and they work fine. Hot glue seems to withstand the high PH of soapmaking. If you get large wilton couplers and one of the star shaped tips you should be all set for cupcakes.

  3. Thishereismyusername says:

    Thank you so much for posting this video. I want to try this with a large tip and coupler so I went to the Wilton site so I could order them.

    Which one of the large Wilton tips would you recommend for frosting soap cupcakes? I tried to post the link but it wouldn't let me.

    The tip I have now is way too slow and my soap frosting gets hard before I can get it piped out.

  4. Good Earth Spa says:

    @SilkBathLuxuries Christina, go see Karen's videos on EdensSecret channel, she also has a video showing how to do this and the larger tips. Except she has 2 different methods on how to do this one and her bottles look a little different than mine, same idea though.

  5. Good Earth Spa says:

    I had mentioned you in a video and originally planned to only use the round mustard tips on the bottles but I had multiple people either reply or PM me about this. Someone sent me the link to your video but I made these before I saw your video. After I saw it, I thought I would video respond to show people how I did it. I was laughing so hard when you pulled out the torch! hehehe! I have not tried these yet. Waiting on my shipment of supplies due today.

  6. mukwah1111 says:

    Hey thats brilliant ! So glad it worked out for you & you didnt even have to glue it in place ! Fantastic ! Have fun playing with them. Cant wait to see your results ! Dont forget to wack wack wack those bottles haha.

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