[NEW] Birthday Cake Calligraphy | Letter Everything #08 2020

Birthday Cake Calligraphy | Letter Everything #08

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5 thoughts on “[NEW] Birthday Cake Calligraphy | Letter Everything #08 2020

  1. Coorie Crossing says:

    This is so cool. I did my own style of lettering within an animal for my 21st birthday cake last year (yes I did decorate my own cakes) and it turned out ok! I made my lettering using fondant which probably wasn't the best of ideas as was pretty difficult to work with but it did mean I could get a really cool textured/painted look on the cake itself around the letters!

  2. sukilu1964 says:

    great job ian. ive done this and its tough, the surface isnt at all flat, its too soft (especially to lean on) and the icing gets worse to work on as it warms up. I found getting some of the modelling icing and making a flat plaque to write the message on, then sticking that on the top of the cake, a lot easier. great vid.

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