[NEW] How to Make Any Kind of Pound Cake | Off-Script with Sohla 2020

How to Make Any Kind of Pound Cake | Off-Script with Sohla

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This month, Sohla’s making pound cakes. Whether it’s got streusel or swirls, berries or just butter, the basic technique is the same, and Sohla shares her tips for making sure your pound cake has a nice, tight crumb, a moist interior and a crisp, perfectly split top. (Hint: cream your better really, really — REALLY — well!) Once you’ve got the concept down, you can go off-script and riff on the concept however you’d like. READ MORE ►►

Go-To Vanilla Pound Cake: 
Black & White Pound Cake:

0:00 Intro
1:02 Pick & prep your pan
3:16 Cream the butter…a LOT
10:39 First, a classic vanilla
20:32 Next: try a swirl
(20:53 Black & White Pound Cake)
27: 46 Now you’re ready to riff
(29:54 Blueberry Crumb Pound Cake)
(30:29 Strawberry Swirl Pound Cake)


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47 thoughts on “[NEW] How to Make Any Kind of Pound Cake | Off-Script with Sohla 2020

  1. durenatu says:

    Just as a side note, please, everytime you guys add a footnote on the video, don't just put a written message, record a voice line, even it it requires to pause the video, I have blind friends that always like to use the audio to learn how to cook and if it is required information it would help them a lot.

  2. Seday says:

    I feel like this was MADE for me thank you! I've been teaching myself how to make pound cakes since the start of quarantine and I was trying out different flavor combinations every month but I got stumped on trying to make a streusel pound cake. But QUESTION what do you do when you're trying to incorporate more wet ingredients into the batter? Do you use more flour or baking soda? I ask because i've been wanting to make a pumpkin pound cake and also an apple butter pound cake but not sure if those key ingredients should be placed after the batter is made and mix them in or fully incorporate them into the batter. Also do I need to incorporate sour cream into every pound cake recipe because i've just been using oat milk as my liquid?

  3. Michelle Goldberg says:

    I LOVE this!!! So glad I found Sohla! I've watched SO MANY videos on baking, but this is the first one that is both informative AND enjoyable! I can actually see myself doing all these things and I've learned so many new things in just this one video. Can't wait to watch more!

  4. Angelica says:

    I made this recipe & everything came out perfect except the crust. It's kinda greasy instead of crispy. Anyone know what I might have done wrong? I had to use salted butter on the pan. Maybe that had something to do with it?

  5. flashflair says:

    this is beyond complicated. My grandma just beat the egg yolks and sugar separately and then the egg whites seperately then folded them into each other. It was so easy. The whole scraping the bowl and paddle a million times is beyond annoying. It would drive me nuts to do that all the time.

  6. Jim Morrison says:

    Sohla, are you proud of yourself for getting all the white people (except for Brad) fired at Bon Appetit? Your bitchfest over not getting paid for being in videos for a few seconds at a time put all your white co workers out of a job.

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