[NEW] Chocolate Cake Roll Recipe 2020

Chocolate Cake Roll Recipe

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Skip the bakery and head to your kitchen because this easy chocolate cake roll recipe will be the star of your next gathering. Find out how to make this impressive chocolate cake roll with a cream cheese filling and a rich chocolate frosting.

Chocolate Cake Roll recipe:

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23 thoughts on “[NEW] Chocolate Cake Roll Recipe 2020

  1. H H says:

    I made this years ago. It became my annual birthday cake. I did learn not to put powder sugar on it for rolling since that dries it out and to use two pieces of clean wax/parchment paper so the cake is in between them and slightly score it on one end before you roll it and it worked beautifully! I put some small dark chocolate chips on top and it’s soooo good!

  2. 82 Sakshi Shah says:

    Sometimes cake cracks..and it is absolutely ok..people wl not see the good things..wl look after what the mistake happened with that..and there eye will catch the bad things first..just avoid these peoples comments..I really liked it ..it was really very delicious 🎉😍

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