[NEW] Swiss Roll Cake With Strawberries 2020

Swiss Roll Cake With Strawberries

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8 x 12 cake pan

Swiss Roll Cake Ingredients:
4 Egg Whites + 30 g Sugar + little salt
3 or (4) Egg Yolks + 10 g Sugar
35 g Oil
20 g Milk ( i used 2% or whole milk)
1/2 Tsp Baking Powder + 50 g Cake Flour (sift 2 times)

Preheat your oven to 375 degrees to bake for 8-9 mins

Tips: Let’s cool down on cooling rack
1. Put a new parchment paper on the top when the cake is cooled down, then flip it over.
2. Remove the top (old) parchment paper. Now add the new parchment paper on the cake after an old one was removed.
3. Flip it over again, remove the paper. Apply the following cream on the cake.

Cream Ingredients:

200 ml Heavy Whipped Cream + 17 g Sugar

Strawberries (optional)

Hope you all enjoy making the swiss roll cake at home and it is a wonderful dessert!!!!! Have a great great day!!!
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39 thoughts on “[NEW] Swiss Roll Cake With Strawberries 2020

  1. Annaix says:

    Grams are generally equal to mL so if you have trouble with the grams just remember that they're the same as cups. Some people like to use grams because then they can't accidently pack too much ingredient into any measuring sppons

  2. sweetchem says:

    hey i do have good news! haha it turned out good after all, although i had some confusion to my amount of flour.I added coconut milk powder to the whipped cream for flavour its lovely. My mom give me a 10 out of ten, I still have to remember that were my cup measurements so i can do it again

  3. sweetchem says:

    i am going to try this right away! I just finish trying an oreo ice-cream recipe and i made sweet potato pudding(im a Caribbean girl) so this swiss roll is my next try for the night, i will comment again and tell you how it goes.

  4. LOLA says:

    @1012mano Is kind of hard to tell u how , but it took me for about 8-10 mins. At the beginning when i first learned it and not sure, i use the long wooden bbq stick to poke all the way to see any sticky stuff. If the cake is ready, should be dry and no sticky stuff on the stick. If u overbake the cake, u will break them apart while u roll it up.(too dry)

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