[NEW] TOP 5 BIRTHDAY CAKES! – The Scran Line 2020

TOP 5 BIRTHDAY CAKES! – The Scran Line

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42 thoughts on “[NEW] TOP 5 BIRTHDAY CAKES! – The Scran Line 2020

  1. Calicoe 313 says:

    These look so good almost like I don’t want to wreck this perfect creation.But then again if you made it you can always make another.Who agrees Pop Electric looked the most crazy and I love cakes that taste like bubblegum and other crazy flavours against.The way more traditionally cakes.

  2. Lorraine Hicks says:

    You are nothing short of brilliant.every cake looks so beautiful and when you cut into it I want to cry until I see the inside and then I want to jump through the screen and take a huge bite. Just two questionsI'm from the US what is bicarb soda and do you have to dowel your cakes at all because they're so tall?

  3. Erin's Journey says:

    Those are breathtaking! From a business point of view and for viewer attention span I highly recommend breaking that qty in half or thirds even. Getting three separate videos from all that work. I feel like I just got to see the Eiffel Tower, Mona Lisa, Colosseum, Niagara Falls,… And by the time I got to see The leaning Tower of Pisa I was oversaturated. They were all magnificent but please spread them out a little bit more so we can fully appreciate the splendor and detail of your craft!!

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