[NEW] Gemma's Best-Ever Carrot Cake | Bigger Bolder Baking 2020

Gemma's Best-Ever Carrot Cake | Bigger Bolder Baking

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Learn the secrets to my best-ever Carrot Cake recipe & how to easily make great cream cheese frosting.

JUST RELEASED! Carrot Cake Pancakes with Cream Cheese Frosting:

NEW Small Batch Cupcakes (inclu. Carrot Cake):

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Hi Bold Bakers! Every baker needs a great carrot cake recipe and that’s exactly what I’ll show you this week. This cake is moist, delicious and the perfect springtime dessert. Plus, I’ll share my favorite cream cheese frosting recipe that will give you a perfect result anytime. So let’s get baking!


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30 thoughts on “[NEW] Gemma's Best-Ever Carrot Cake | Bigger Bolder Baking 2020

  1. rashi sharma says:

    Hi Gemma! I have a doubt regarding oven and OTGs. I have an OTG with a fan; so while baking this, the fan needs to be off or on? Also, can you please tell me how to preheat oven properly, for how long and at what temperature? I always end up having a dome shaped cake.

  2. marial anthony says:

    Gemma, I have tried your recipe for my little girl birthday and as you said it's was best ever carrot cake with cheese cream. All my family members loved it. I wish I could send you the cake picture. It's was a yummy cake. Thank you for your amazing recipe. 😋

  3. Marie Carr says:

    It's a delicious cake. My family and I loved it and it kept in the fridge for a week without going off so that is very good. I also mentioned last time that I find it too sweet for me but I must say after a day when the cake has sit , the flavor seems to be more balanced. I love it and will make this again. Thank you Gemma

  4. Marie Carr says:

    Hi Gemma. Thanks for this recipe. I was able to use up our carrots at home in a different way. I baked the carrot cake without the frosting just to try the flavour of the cake itself. It is very tasty though I find it just a little bit too sweet for my tastebuds. So one question: could I do this with less sugar at all or will it spoil the recipe? Thanks .

  5. misosyrup says:

    Please Help!!
    1 ¾ cups (14floz/395ml) oil (sunflower, vegetable, coconut)????
    2 ¾ cups (14oz/395g)all-purpose (plain flour) ???
    In Japan 1 cup=200ml.
    If your 1 cup of oil is 240ml then 1 ¾ cups of oil should be 420ml.

    If your 1 cup of flour is 120g then 2 ¾ cups of flour should be 420g.

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