[NEW] MonkeyBoo and the Birthday Cake! 2020

MonkeyBoo and the Birthday Cake!

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Capuchin MonkeyBoo enjoys his special made healthy Birthday cake! See Boo’s cake being made:
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About MonkeyBoo:
Official YouTube Channel of MonkeyBoo, The Happiest YouTube channel there is! The most “interesting” monkey in the world! 8 year old black-cap capuchin MonkeyBoo offers cute, adorable, funny, and educational videos! Always kid friendly videos!

MonkeyBoo and the Birthday Cake!


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38 thoughts on “[NEW] MonkeyBoo and the Birthday Cake! 2020

  1. Patricia Winchel says:

    Pete and Boo! my 10 yr old grandson got me watching your videos and i love them. I was checking out your t-shirts and i think you should make ones that say " oh boy boo" i love the way you say it to him. just a thought i would buy it! keep the videos coming! love you guys!

  2. DM Attorney says:

    Happy Birthday to your monkey and thank you Pete Moss for making me discover capuchins with your channels ! I've seen several hundreds of indoor monkeys videos lately and I have to say yours are some of the best. Especially when compared to some pretty outrageous documentaries, usually revolving around the lady from Jungle Friends Sanctuary (this one is the worst so far : watch?v=WTY9pWETrhA). I respect her work and her dedication, but she's just bitter and negative to the point of dishonesty…

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