[NEW] Fish Illusion Cake – How to Make a Fish Shaped Cake Hyper-Lapse Video (steps in the description) 2020

Fish Illusion Cake – How to Make a Fish Shaped Cake Hyper-Lapse Video (steps in the description)

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Want to see an easy way to decorate a cake to look like a real life fish?! Well, here is how I made my ‘Fish Cake’…..hopefully it gives you an idea of how you can create one yourself!

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Here are the main steps I took:

1. I used this basic Victoria Sponge recipe and multiplied by 3: 200g Caster Sugar, 200g Butter, 4 Eggs, 200g Self Raising Flour, 1tsp Baking Powder, 2tbsp Milk
2. Split the mixture between two large rectangular tins (I baked my cakes for approx. 35-45 mins but kept an eye as my oven can be very inconsistent!)

3. Rolled white fondant over the cake board (14x12inch) and used a bark impression mat to detail the base

4. I then used a food safe paint brush to paint the white fondant, mixing brown, orange and red food colouring paste with water to get different shades and paint onto the base (most bakers recommend mixing with alcohol but I didn’t have any so risked water and it worked ok!)
(I did the above steps the night before so there wasn’t so much to do on the day I decorated and it let the base dry overnight)
5. Cut out a basic fish shape out of a cereal box, I also cut out some fins to use later 

6. Took the cake with the best dome and stacked it on-top of the other cake

7. Sat the stencil on top and carefully carved around with a bread knife to form the fish shape

8. Once I achieved a basic shape, carefully and a little at a time carved the edges into slopes to make the fish more realistic. I sloped my fish body down a little so the tale was thinner than the main fish head. Tip: save the off cuts to snack on or make into cake pops!

9. Put a toothpick into the top and bottom layer so I could accurately line them up when I put together again. Removed the top layer of the fish and set aside, carefully so no breaks occurred

10. Made buttercream: 600g icing sugar, 300g butter, vanilla paste (any leftover use for cake pops)

11. Put the base of the fish onto the board and pipe a buttercream outline and fill with a jam layer. Sit the other layer on-top (using the toothpicks to line up), coat the fish in a layer of buttercream (doesn’t have to be too neat) and then put in the fridge or cold place to set

12. Rolled out white fondant and covered the fish (doesn’t matter if the wood effect base has icing sugar on it). Smooth icing around the fish, cut away excess and tried to tuck the skirt of the icing under the fish with a fondant tool. Use excess fondant to make fins and board decorations

13. Detailed fish with fondant tools and used the reverse end of a piping nozzle to push into the fondant and make scales

14. Covered base in kitchen roll and airbrushed the fish, building up colours to make a realistic shade, air brush the fins at the same time and then stick on the board. You could also paint the fish (like the wood effect board) if you didn’t have an airbrush machine

15. Used a silicone pastry brush dipped in a little water to brush the wooden board to remove areas of icing sugar

VOILA! If you followed that you should now have a finished cake, take pictures of your masterpiece and wow others!

I am a self-taught, learn as I go baker so if I can do it, you can too! Let me know how you get on in the comments or if you have any questions!

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