[NEW] Ultimate Sprinkles Birthday Cake! 2020

Ultimate Sprinkles Birthday Cake!

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(PP) Contains product placement. This is my go to cake recipe when it comes to birthdays and celebrations! It’s a triple layered vanilla sponge cake topped off with colourful confetti sprinkles! You can adapt the flavours and toppings to suit any occasion and you can even add sprinkles straight into the batter for a fun and colourful effect! Check out the recipe:
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46 thoughts on “[NEW] Ultimate Sprinkles Birthday Cake! 2020

  1. Malley says:

    The ingredients he's saying in the video are different to the ones shared on his site?? Here he says he's using plain flour but on his site it's self-raising flour… Then a drop (usually means 1tsp) of vanilla extract here, but it says 3tsp on the site? Not sure which one has the right ingredients >.< HELP!

  2. makeuploveculture says:

    I have noticed all the blooper bits at the end of the videos- I quite like those parts as much as I do watching your videos!!!! I'm obsessed with watching your videos everyday because you are so upbeat and happy and positive and not bad to look at either if I can say that! Lol Sophie is a lucky lady

  3. BooksNerd Nerdy says:

    Fun looking cake! 😀 Ok so there's a step missing (NOT a major one).. Sprinkles lost their moment in the spotlight 🙂 I only noticed the sprinkles were added to the cake batter after it was baked (when they were being plated/layered actually) had to re-watch to see if I missed it or Donal missed it 😉 Obviously its the last thing that goes into the batter before putting them in the cake tins. TY for the recipe Donal!! 😀

  4. Pao Edu says:

    The cake looks fantastic and seems easy enough to make. However, way too much butter! I still don't understand how someone would eat straight up butter with sugar and call it "buttercream Frosting" tasted it once at Magnolia's Bakery in NYC and never again. I prefer a merengue frosting or a lightly sweetened whip cream on my cakes. "Buttercream" is just silly. The cake though, does looks dilish!

  5. Blue BelleRue says:

    Hi Donal love the cake and the channel!! As a new Subcr'er think your vibrant vids are great and look forward to trying them out. I have one small request however – please can you show more close up shots of the final bakes/meals. With the cake was really wanting a shot of the inside/crumb texture to see if it would work well for the bake i have coming up. Much love x

  6. yeyo g says:

    Big fan of yours in Mexico! Have you ever thought in trying some mexican desserts? I highly recomend the "Flan con cajeta", or sweet milk flan??? i gues??? Great job your doing! felicidades y todo el éxito!

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