[NEW] The Best Eggless Chocolate Sponge Cake | Chocolate Hot Milk Cake 2020

The Best Eggless Chocolate Sponge Cake | Chocolate Hot Milk Cake

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Hey Bakers.. In this video I am sharing with you all The Best Eggless Chocolate Sponge Cake | Chocolate Hot Milk Cake recipe.

On my last eggless vanilla sponge cake video you guys asked how can we make chocolate cake and here I am with the recipe for the same.

This Eggless Chocolate Cake turns out to be soft, spongy, light and moist.

This chocolate sponge cake recipe without egg is perfect to be made as a lockdown chocolate cake recipe.

This Chocolate cake without condensed milk is also made using easily available ingredients.

Trust me this is the best eggless chocolate cake I have had till this day. A famous Chocolate hot milk cake recipe right your way..


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I will see you soon on my next one

Until then

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44 thoughts on “[NEW] The Best Eggless Chocolate Sponge Cake | Chocolate Hot Milk Cake 2020

  1. Jaya Rajesh says:

    Hi sushma. I am going to make this recipe this Sunday. I have a small doubt I don't have my weighing scale with me and only have standard cup which shows 1 cup = 250 ml as measurement. So if I use them will the texture of cakes change.

  2. mamatha k says:

    The best cake 👌👌👌
    I have tried so so so so best cake this is the third cake I made it was the best in three cake .
    Bahuth acchi taste he…….so so so so tasty 😍😍👌👌👍💐💐😋😋😋💐⚘🌷🌼🌻🌺🌹

  3. Umera Mirza says:

    hi i am going to use your eggless cake today .it looks so promising . i have to prepare 6 inch 4 layers cake. can this amount be good enough for two 6 inch pans? which i will cut in half later. or should i double the amount?

  4. Chaman Bhai says:

    Hi Sushma, I tried this recipe as per video step by step very carefully. The result came out as soft sponge cake. however I searched your website could not find printable PDF recipe.in the video u didn't mention whether butter is salted or unsalted.my cake came out very nice but taste wise it became a bit salty as I used salted butter.it's a request to mention recipe in discription box.i even could nt find any comment regarding use of unsalted butter. keep posting ur recipes.thanks.

  5. Madhumita Mohapatra says:

    Hi Sushma!! Your recipes are really really good. But I was wondering if we use butter( never used with hot milk though) and then keep in the refrigerator during the frosting and decorating..it becomes lil dry as the butter gets cool down. Thats why I replace the butter with oil. So is it the reason why u use butter with hot milk!!!! Please reply….Thank you!!!☺❤

  6. JIGITA SHAH says:

    I prepared this cake but it didn't turned out good. I used exactly the same ingredients as shared by you.😉 Can you tell me why it can go wrong. I tried many recipe of chocolate cake of many you tubers but none of them have turned tasty. I don't know why. Can you help plzz

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