[NEW] Disney's FROZEN Cake Making Set 2020

Disney's FROZEN Cake Making Set

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This uber pretty and magical Disney’s FROZEN winter wonderland let’s you (literally) whip up the cutest cupcakes, macarons and a big two tier cake! ^.^
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Loose yourself into this Winter Wonderland of sweets that just look too good to be true, because, well they are! You may not be able to eat them but at least they last forever. Let me show you they’re made!
Let’s Start!
This super pretty Frozen box filled with even sparklier stuff to help us decorate Frozen themed macarons, cupcakes and a two tier cake. The amazing thing is that you can use these sweets as a jewellery box or container when you’re finished. We will set soft, fluffy whipping cream in the spotlight! Let’s take a look inside! Aah, too cute to handle! Alright, let’s get everything out! Wow, there’s a lot more in there than I expected! Well, that’s awesome!!

For the star of these winter sweets, the two tier cake there’s, a bottom and top cake. Competitive in cuteness are definitely the macarons which we’ll turn into two pretty key hangers! The blue Macaron pictures Elsa and the pink one is Anna themed. In a small sachet we’ve got pearls and crystals, safely packed away. While the pearls and crystals are responsible for the sparkly look, they’re quiet limited so I’ll take an extra effort to keep them clean and organised by handling them with a a pair of tweezers, gently placing the pearls I use kitchen paper with rough texture to keep small parts from material from rolling around.

This pastry is a small container in disguise and we’re lucky enough to have pretty violet twin. Both come with two domes which are super important and you’ll soon find out why! But the most important item of all is the whipping cream, which makes for the magical cuteness of these sweets!

(transition with sparkle sound)

Before we start let’s pop out the images with which we will decorate the whipping cream. One motif seems to be missing, but luckily there is such a great variety that it allows you to be picky and only choose your most favourite ones.
Here you also see long strips with a scooped silhouette which are specifically for the two tier cake.

All let’s see…yep we’re all good and ready to start!

♡ ♡ ♡ Let’s create a magical sweets winter wonderland ♡ ♡ ♡

I’ll remove the lock from the whipping bag and soften the crafting cream by kneading with my hands until i finsih Counting to 100. Utilising some pressure I use a ruler to push mass towards the opening and tightly close the empty part of the bag.
We’ll make the cupcakes first, so exchange the regular cap with the large star cap.
The target is to make the most perfect of whipping swirls. If you get the swirls right, the rest is no big deal. Glue a dome in the very centre of each cupcake. This is to support the swirl shape. Keep your hands relaxed and quickly move in circular motions. Oh, the cupcake moved. If you mess up you can wipe it away while the craft creme is still wet.
As you see craft creme looks and behaves like the real thing but dries on air within a few hours. When decorating with pearls there is no need to use pressure as this would immediately get the soft whip out of shape. I gently place the decoration where I want it to be and let it air dry.

(sparkle transition)

From this point on it’ll get more difficult as we change to the small star cap! Let’s Go ☆

Let’s top the the edges of one macaron with whipping cream but leave the top part empty so we can close the macaron at an approximately 20 degree angle. The finished macarons will look like this.

Now on to the biggest part of this set, the amazing two tier ice cake which we’ll load with lots of whipping cream to create it’s magical castle like appearance. One neatly centred large swirl in the middle of the top cake, surrounded by a sequence of swirls alternating between single and double swirls. Don’t worry too much about where to place the pearls as pretty shiny things will look pretty and shiny wherever they are them! *^-^*

I push the cake in a single folded deco strip and voila the top cake is all topped!
The bottom cake needs 6 big double swirls and a small single swirl between each double swirl. While still wet I’ll place the top cake on the lid of the bottom cake so that they can dry and stabilise together. I enclose the bottom cake’s base using two deco strips and cover the scooped borders with closely spaced droplets of whip. I go for snowflakes because, well, I don’t know about you but they kinda remind of sugar . I’ll hold the motif gently them onto the cream until they’re stuck. As we’re finished decorating, we can finally combine all parts together and voila we’ve built a sweet winter wonderland!


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