[NEW] How to make banana cake! 2020

How to make banana cake!

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Simple steps to making a delicious banana cake.
(Followed by Good Charlotte music. what could be any better?)

some of the photos look ewww but trust me, it tasted soooooooo good 😛
i hope this helps you! 🙂
how to make a cake

29 thoughts on “[NEW] How to make banana cake! 2020

  1. FuNTiMEwithASHLEY♥ says:

    They burnt because of the vanilla extract dont put vanilla extract it will get burnt within 30 min thats why I tried whithout vanilla extract and 3 smushed bananas and I also prefer using flat baking pan and butter paper or instead butter paper u could use butter not melt butter normal just cut and spread some on the pan then when u put it for 150 degree C only not too much and u should heat the top also not only the bottom so that the top wont burn too much and the top will be smooth and after if ur banana cake dosent taste too good add some chocolate frosting using galaxy by melting it and tada ur yummy cake is READY..

  2. Javier Estrada says:

    I changed it a little bit adding strawberries, and it was cook in a solar oven but it was great! THANK YOU… my first freaking CAKE and it was delicious… and awesome… Thank you one more time…
    p.s. solar oven make then perfect…

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