[NEW] Slurpy Cake Making Machines | HowFood Episode 2 2020

Slurpy Cake Making Machines | HowFood Episode 2

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While many bakeries hand-craft their specialty cakes, grocery stores have cake making down to a science. In today’s episode of HowFood we’re exploring slurpy cake making machines.

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5 thoughts on “[NEW] Slurpy Cake Making Machines | HowFood Episode 2 2020

  1. Richard Folkman says:

    Great tech! Great approach! I applaud. I don't have a problem about how all this pastry will taste or look. I have a problem with them being made with ingredients that manufacturers know are hazardous to American customer's health and well being. Nice machines, but Monsanto, GMO's, etc. Deal with that, get rid of the poison in our foods, and your problem making your profits with high tech made pastries will be solved. Your call.

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