[NEW] Ninth Cake – How to make a Make up bag or purse Cake 2020

Ninth Cake – How to make a Make up bag or purse Cake

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This cake is yet another inspiration from Debbie Brown. I came across this cake in one of her books, but I added my imagination to suit to my liking.
I was looking forward to painting on fondant and seems like my childhood painting exp payed off well. I was pretty upset about the tilt in the cake, but as everyone says, no one noticed it.
Had a few difficuilty with the fondant, but lesson learned.
Please let me know what you feel abt this cake… and any ideas for upgrading my work is always appreciated and more than welcomed.
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9 thoughts on “[NEW] Ninth Cake – How to make a Make up bag or purse Cake 2020

  1. aMyDiCkASoN says:

    BEAUTIFUL CAKE! LOL on the cosmetic "panic buying".. i guess we are all guilty of that "sin"… Anyway, love your handpaint design… im sure your friend was so happy with this cake…im sure she didnt even saw the flaws you were saying…it's not even noticable…all I can see is a pretty well done cake 😉

  2. Pink Cake Princess says:

    I think you did a great job! Anything you weren't happy with this time you can correct for next time – it's all part of the learning process. I agree with Mimzy – you cant really change the recipe – fondant will always be really sweet – it's just the way it is. With your figures – if you have made them out of just fondant than they will get soft if the weather is really humid. Fondant has glycerine in it which absorbs moisture from the air. Hope that helps! Andrea ; )

  3. SeriousCakes says:

    I think this is a BEAUTIFUL cake!! I love how different it is from the ones out there, very very original. We cakers always see our own faults, almost like with a microscope! But the people we make them for only see a wonderful work of art, and know the effort put behind it 😀

  4. libbyft says:

    I think this cake is beautiful! Its so very girly and obviously a fun memory for you both 😀 – I love the fact that its skewed slightly, it makes it look like a real make up bag – mine is lumpy and wonky! The accessories are perfect 😀 They look so real and the decoration on the sides is so pretty 😀

    Love it!

  5. Krazy Kool Cakes & Designs says:

    Purbasha, The cake is BEAUTIFUL! You did a wonderful job with the flowers and twigs. Rylan is right! The colors compliment each other very well! You are improving by leaps and bounds! 🙂 The make-up elements are very well done! I usually use all cornstarch when kneading fondant. But it does kinda dry out on me too! Try a little Crisco on your hands & on the table while kneading instead of adding any dry ingredients. I love the initial zipper and the bracelet! It gives the cake a CLASSY touch!

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