[NEW] How to make Cup Cake Bath Bombs – part 2 (The Topping) 2020

How to make Cup Cake Bath Bombs – part 2 (The Topping)

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Part 2 shows you how to make a topping for your Bath Bombs which will stay on & also gives you or your customer an bonus of a soap to wash with after the base dissolves away. Please Like & Subscribe
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32 thoughts on “[NEW] How to make Cup Cake Bath Bombs – part 2 (The Topping) 2020

  1. Brandy Nettleton says:

    I've had my share of wreckage with frosting! I can't tell you how many batches have gone in the garbage! I don't know what you're using now, but I use about 4 oz of mp and two tsp of liquid glycerin. It sets up quick but you can remelt and rewhip as you need to. Truthfully, I think the thicker version of what you've got going here would work with a piping tip! The bags just aren't string enough sometimes on their own.

  2. Fotina Matatia says:

    Thats awesome, I use a mould for the icing. You can purchase ice moulds from any hobby lobby type stores. What I do is once the base is set, I would fill my moulds up with the icing ingredients then set the muffin bases upside down on top of the mould. After a few hours you can pull the muffin off the mould and the icing will be swirled perfectly on top.

  3. GalaxyDreaming says:

    @rainslave Yeah I've now tried several ways – the meringue toppings (goes moldy after a while) and lifts off of base, tried 'glueing on the top with melt and pour soap' and the final thing I tried which seems ok for about a month is the m&p topping. I'll be interested to try your recipe, might have to wait for less weather tho – it's winter here

  4. Sam S says:

    THANK YOU! 😀 I would eat these if I could(: haha. Please please please do a video on at home salon perfect manicure and pedicure if you could, pleasssssssssse! (seriously, it would mean the world to me, you make it look fun and simple!:) thanks in advance! :D:D

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