[NEW] How Huge Jiggly Cakes Are Made 2020

How Huge Jiggly Cakes Are Made

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Due to popular demand, in this video we take a look at how this newly popular huge Castella Cakes are made at a bakery.

This video contains the making process of this jiggly cake

Special thanks to the owner of Harmony Bakery for allowing us back at the kitchen to film the process

We are the original creators of all the videos on this channel and videos belongs to DancingBacons©
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23 thoughts on “[NEW] How Huge Jiggly Cakes Are Made 2020

  1. DancingBacons says:

    Hi guys just to clear up any misunderstanding about the 'gloves being too short', yes normally for stirring the big pot with their arms, they do not wear those short gloves, me filming the baker may have put him under pressure and cause him to forget to remove the short gloves when he needed to mix the batter.

    The bakery kitchen is closed concept kitchen and is very clean, the staffs always washes their hands when its going to be in contact with food.

    This video is not sponsored by the bakery and we made it cos many of you guys been requesting to see the process of the jiggly cakes being made. We are thankful for them for allowing us back in the kitchen and showing us how they bake their giant jiggly cake!

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