[NEW] How to make a camouflage and zebra print cake with fondant 2020

How to make a camouflage and zebra print cake with fondant

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I show you how to decorate a cake with TWO different designs with fondant!
how to make a cake

20 thoughts on “[NEW] How to make a camouflage and zebra print cake with fondant 2020

  1. Alyssa McCall says:

    Bethany, You did a wonderful job on your tutorial and I can only imagine what you'll be able to do when you get older. Keep practicing and keep up the good work. Your knowledge will grow as you do. The passion you have for cake decorating will take you to new heights and the sky is the limit. Super job and so much better than alot of adults could even do!!!!
     I am posting this under my daughter's because I just noticed it was signed in on her name. I do cakes and had to comment because at your age, that was an impressive job. Keep it up 🙂

  2. Brenda Jarmusz says:

    Hello Bethany, my name is Brenda and I am a cake decorator as well as a cake decorating instructor. I first want to say, AWESOME JOB!! If you are already making cakes like that at a young age I can only imagine what you will be doing in the future with more practice and knowledge. 2Nd I want to say to all of you who had nothing nice to say, SHAME ON YOU!!! I can't believe how rude and mean People are. We are suppose to encourage and teach the younger generation so that they will be able to lead our next generations. How can they learn with so much hate that is shown in this world? And people wonder why kids turn out the way they do. Anyway, thank you for your tutorial and keep learning and teaching those who want to learn. You seem to have a real passion for baking and cake decorating so ignore those who are negative, take constructive criticism and learn from it and continue to be great!!!!! 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂 🙂

  3. Austin DeMyer says:

    It always makes me wonder why people are mean to kids. I understand the point of what's being said, but she is a kid. I think she will achieve much greatness later in life.
    With that, I was looking how to do a DIY camouflage fondant, and how you did it in the video is so much easier than I saw in any of the Adult videos on here. So, I will be having some fun with my daughter and using this technique just with different colors. Keep up the great work! Positivity gets further than negativity.

  4. addy bolda says:

    Honey Bun, thats not what she means, she means don't touch your body, especially hair because of dirt, and dandruff, and lint that gets stuck in our hair. Even people that take showers day/night. I'm a good baker, so i know how you feel. You get those itches, so…. Itch or Scratch them, then wash your hands. So everything stays clean, and body odor/oil/hair free!

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