[NEW] L'Empanada (Meat Empanada) | Snow! | Birthday Cake | 30 Day Yoga Challenge | VLOGMAS 2020 DAY 21 2020

L'Empanada (Meat Empanada) | Snow! | Birthday Cake | 30 Day Yoga Challenge | VLOGMAS 2020 DAY 21

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December 21, 2020

Bonjour Bella!

So much snow today!

My work family gave me a cake. 🙂

Having delicious meat empanada from L’Empanada for dinner. Their sauce is sooo good! They have chicken and veggie options too. They get sold out pretty quick so make sure you order fast.

Today is also the 1st day of another 30-Day Yoga Challenge with Modo Yoga. 4 more days before Christmas!

I’m participating in VLOGMAS 2020 and today is Day 21. Vlogmas is a tradition for YouTubers to vlog everyday until Christmas.

It’s my first time so I hope I can continue doing this everyday. 🙂

Aside from what’s going on my in daily life, I’m planning to feature various local shops and restaurants. I’ve bought several items from local shops as part of my Christmas gift shopping. Stay tuned for a local Manitoba Holiday Gift Guide Bonjour Bella version. 🙂

In addition to supporting local shops, we’ve been supporting locally-owned restaurants since the beginning of the pandemic.

I’m also using 1 product each day from the Sephora Advent Calendar that I previously unboxed. * not done today *

0:00 | Intro
0:10 | VLOGMAS DAY 21
0:12 | So much snow!
0:44 | Birthday Cake
1:03 | Meat Empanada from L’empanada
2:48 | Start of 30-Day Yoga Challenge

3 units for $12, 6 units for $20 (comes with sauce and free delivery!)

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