[NEW] Making Surprise Cake With M&Ms Candies 2020

Making Surprise Cake With M&Ms Candies

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Hi, guys! Today we decided to craft something yummy! We’re going to make a cake! Shaped as a giant M&M’s candy!

Since we have already prepared lots of chocolate ganache we’ll bake the cake now. We’ll need two identical metal bowls. They will become halves of our big candy. Take a big bowl which can fit everything. Let’s start with flour! Adding: sugar, room temperature butter,water, unsweetened cocoa, eggs, vegetable oil, to make the cake layers fluffy and flavored we are adding baking powder and vanilla.

Mix the ingredients really well. Now we need to divide it into two equal parts. Let’s put them in the oven! Heat the oven to 180C. Bake the cake for about 35-40 min!Now we’re going to make a chocolate cover for cake. We need a lot of chocolate and 2 bowls, on the walls of which we will smear it. Then put the bowls of chocolate in the fridge. Using a hot pan, align the edges of the halves of our cake. It’s time to fill the base with ganache, cake and M&M’s candies! This is the most entertaining moment!

Now comes the big moment, guys! The connecting! It worked! It really looks like an M&M’s candy!

Sam and Sue did a great job today, do you agree? And now, it’s time to try our delicious cake! Bon Appetit!

Full ingredient list with all the proportions:

🔻 340g Plain flour, sifted

🔻 315g Sugar

🔻 225g Butter, softened

🔻 225g Water, room temperature

🔻 55g Unsweetened cocoa

🔻 3 Eggs, room temperature

🔻40g Vegetable oil

🔻4 tsp Baking powder

🔻2tsp Vanilla

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